Heather Karlie Vieira: On Rare Finds and Growing a Business (Episode #14)


Heather Karlie Vieira is my guest today and we are talking about her passion for the rare finds in antique, vintage, and modern. She shares how the random finding of a antique picture frame changed her life and put her on her current career path. Heather’s business, 20th Century by HKFA, is all about modern…fresh items with […]

Buyers Behaviors Have Changed. Has Your Marketing?


One of the biggest challenges facing this industry is the uncertainty of the impact that our digital presence has on our clients and our bottom line. Although most people won’t argue the fact that the internet has changed the way they personally communicate, socialize, and buy, they often don’t come to the same realization with […]

Reclaim Design: The Story Behind The Trend Setting Design Studio (Episode #13)


Today on the show I have guest Ben Knox and Christopher Spaulding — the amazing duo at Reclaim Design. We not only talk about their earlier careers, but we dive deep into the story behind their trendsetting design studio where they work with and impact some of the coolest Marketing Agencies, Production Companies and Fashion Designers around. […]

Joanne Domeniconi: On Building a Brand With Storytelling (Episode #12)


Joanne Domeniconi, the Co-founder of The Grommet, is my guest today and we’re talking about the the power of storytelling when building a brand. The Grommet is a product launch platform that launches undiscovered product and helps them succeed. I must admit I have a business crush on The Grommet. Joanne and Co-founder Jules Pieri have […]

David Ecton: On The Start and Growth of Parker Kennedy Living (Episode #11)


David Ecton is half of the amazing duo at Parker Kennedy Living and he’s on the show today talking about business, design, and the importance of following your dreams. Parker Kennedy Living is an interior design group  and vintage furniture dealers  — a look that’s preppy on the edge and Palm Beach Chic. David and […]