Hilde Leiaghat: The Story Behind the Creator of Pom Pom at Home (Episode #3)


Hidle Leiaghat is my guest today and she shares her entrepreneurial journey, from the early years of Pom Pom Interiors through the creation of Pom Pom at Home. Quote: “You’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with.” Hilde Leiaghat About Hilde Leiaghat Hilde grew up in the countryside of Belgium, where her father used to [...]

Cody Hutcheson Ables: Creating a Sales Management Organization – Codarus (Episode #01)

Cody Ables Codarus

Cody Ables is my guest today and we’re exploring his journey into to entrepreneurship, including his early career and the story around him co-founding his current company — Codarus. I asked Cody to be the first guest on To The Trade Radio because he’s such an inspiration and positive force within our industry. Cody and I have worked [...]

4 Tips For Streamlining Your Order Management Process

devil is in the detail

On a scale of one to ten, how would you rank your order management process? Are you smooth sailing at a solid nine, or are you like most small business owners struggling to keep up? Struggling with inventory inaccuracies, orders from multiple channels, and a constant need to hire more help? Do you have too [...]

5 Reasons Why You Need a CRM

Success no accident 2

How do you maintain the important details about your customers? Or their orders? Or their issues? Do you rely on sticky notes, Quickbooks, or Excel spreadsheets? There’s no shortage of information and details you need to know about your customers, but if you’re relying on email, handwritten notes, or your memory, you’re putting the growth [...]