3 Strategies for Building Better Business Relationships


Why is it that 74% of online adults use social networking sites? Is it because they’re bored? Addicted? Procrastinating? Or is it something deeper? If you ask me, I think it goes back to a little theory developed in 1948 by a guy named Abraham Maslow. A theory explaining human motivation. Although Maslow’s Hierarchy of […]

Gretchen Aubuchon on Building a Brand and Changing an Industry (Episode #5)


Gretchen Aubuchon is my guest today and we’re talking about building a brand and changing an industry. Gretchen is a pioneer in the marriage between fashion+home and was one of the first to introduce what she refers to as StylePairs – match-ups of runway and interior design looks which are tools for navigating the trends in fashion and decor. […]

Sharm Schaffler on Exanding a Brand – Bandhini Homewear Design (Episode #4)


Sharm Schaffler is my guest today and he shares the story of Bandhini Homewear Design, the growth of their business, and why they expanded into the United States. Quote: “Learn to recognize your mistakes and use them as strengths.” Sharm Schaffler Photo: Sharm Schaffler and Tai Schaffler About Sharm Schaffler and Bandhini Sharm Schaffler has a Diploma in Hospitality / Hotel […]