What Everyone Ought To Know About Podcasting [Episode #40]

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  • November 13, 2012
what is podcasting

Cliff Ravenscraft  — The Podcast Answer Man — is my guest today and we’re discussing what everyone ought to know about podcasting and the impact it can have on your business.

Cliff started podcasting as a hobby and has since turned it into a profitable business.  He has produced over 3000 different podcast and has introduced multiple podcast training modules and courses.

Here are some highlights from our Interview:

  • Discuss how he turned his hobby into a business
  • Discuss how thousands of people found him by accident and the impact it had on his future
  • Talk about how in January 2008 he had no idea how to monetize his business and the steps he took to become profitable with podcasting
  • Discuss how to build a community and the importance “passion” plays in community building
  • Talk about women in tech and podcasting in general
  • Talk about the term podcasting and the future of podcasting in general
  • Discuss the impact podcasting can have on your business

ABOUT guest Cliff Ravenscraft

what is podcasting








In January 2008, I left my career in insurance, after 11 years, to pursue my passion in podcasting full-time. It was the first time in my life that I felt like I honestly knew what it mean to LIVE BY FAITH. The first year was extremely difficult at times (Details Here). Though my wife got her husband back and my three children, got their dad back. The second year was much better than our first (Details Here).

Today, I make a very decent living as a podcast producer and as a Podcasting and New Media consultant/coach. I have produced more than 2,800 individual episodes of more than 20 differentshows, and I’m effectively sharing my life and ministering to tens of thousands of people around the world.

I am a firm believer that if you Pursue Your Passion, The Money Will Follow!

Links Mentioned:

Learn How To Podcast

Live Giant,

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  • I agree! Pursuing your passion is key to success especially since one will spend so many hours engaging, researching and perfecting their business.

    Great interview, thank you!!

    • Shelia

      Hi Becca, thank you so much for watching and commenting. I couldn’t agree more – find you passion, become a master at it and build a business. Thanks again, Shelia

  • awesome episode Shelia!
    I plan on getting started with podcasting and appreciate all the insight from Cliff. Off to check out his resources.


    • ps big LOST fan, too! Didn’t ever think of even checking out podcasts back then!

    • Shelia

      Hello Sandy, thanks so much for watching and commenting! Cliff is amazing and such a giving person. His podcasting courses are really good! Thanks again,Shelia

  • I love this! I’m about to start my own podcast show and came across Cliff a week ago and now I’m totally convinced to learn from him.

    I loved the question about women in podcasting. In my opinion, women are projectionists and wait until they do everything ‘right’. I know so many women entrepreneurs who want to get into podcasting but wait or put it off until they become better. My question is: better at what?how? I started my video show last month, it’s very amateur, I’m not a professional presenter by far! but I love it and want to make it big in my niche so my approach is just do it!

    Thanks for this inspirational interview.

    • Shelia

      Hi Katya, thanks so much for tuning in and commenting! Cliff is terrific – I highly recommend his courses. Totally agree with your opinion on women feeling the need to be perfect – I almost didn’t start because I was a little embarrassed by my “Souther Accent”. So happy I did! Please let me know if I can help you in any way. Thanks again,Shelia