Are you running your business, or is your business running YOU?

Like many business owners, you’ve achieved success…but not the personal freedom you crave. Instead of running an efficient and profitable business, you’re meeting the demands of your customers, spending too much time on basic operations, and stretched to the point of fatigue.

You know your systems are broken (or worse, non-existent). But you’re already too busy working in your business to get into action and work on your business.

I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way. The Streamline and Grow Strategy™ is designed to help you change the way you work and create the business (and life) you’ve always dreamed of.

And it was created for To The Trade professionals just like you.

  • You’re overwhelmed from being pulled in too many directions at once.
  • You’re tired of always playing catch up, no matter how much you get done.
  • You feel like you can’t step away from your business without it falling apart.
  • You want to feel more confident in your choices, products and growth.

You’re ready to feel like the CEO of your business. You know there’s a better way to run your wholesale furniture, interior design or home décor business. But to take it to the next level, you need the support of someone who’s been there.

There are many moving parts to running your business. Streamline & Grow Strategy™ is your opportunity to save time, money and brain power. Over the course of 4 intensive months, I’ll teach you how to create better systems and processes for your business.

You’ll learn how to define, focus on, and grow your business. You’ll identify the root causes of your business inefficiencies so you can stop fixing the symptoms and start treating the problems. And when the course is completed, you’ll walk away with actual documents and processes in place to make your team and work flow smoothly.

Are you holding yourself back from the business (and life) of your dreams?

I want to know when Streamline and Grow Strategy™ opens again.

When you stop…

  • Getting bogged down by routine tasks
  • Spending your days putting out fires
  • Being too industry focused to think outside the box
  • Fearing your business will implode without you

You can…

  • Focus on the right goals and outcomes for increasing your profits
  • Empower and motivate your employees to take on more challenging work
  • Leave your business for a day, a week, or even a month
  • Spend more time working on your business and less time working in it

Build a business that can thrive and grow, with or without you.

My name is Shelia Butler and I created the Streamline and Grow Strategy™ course to show To The Trade professionals how to create a business that’s organized, repeatable and profitable. It’s based on my proven G3 Growth Model, which I’ve used to help many wholesale furniture, interior design and home decor businesses reach their goals and nurture growth.

I’ve developed my strategy and method from 15 years of “in the trenches” experience in business, combined with my extensive background in productivity, business efficiency and operations. If you’re ready to enjoy the business in your life, it all begins right here, right now.

Are you ready to run your business with ease?

I want to know when Streamline and Grow Strategy™ opens again.

Streamline and Grow Strategy™

A proven system for creating a business that’s organized, repeatable and profitable.

Streamline and Grow Strategy isn’t about adding more to your to-do list—you’re busy enough. Instead, you’ll take actionable steps to reduce your workload and put your new systems in place.

This program gives you the tools to build a business that runs smoothly. You’ll complete weekly assignments designed to help you identify and set up the right systems for your business. You’ll focus on reviewing workflows, identifying inefficiencies, documenting processes, and improving productivity.

Plus, we’ll connect each week during our 1-on-1 Q&A call, where you can ask questions, receive immediate feedback, and get the accountability you need.


Phase I: Intentional Planning

Clearly define the WHY of your business and the goals you want to accomplish. You’ll focus on your personal and business values, strategic objectives, and business differentiators.


Phase II: Intentional Building

Define the HOW of your business and the goals you’ll need to set to reach your why. You’ll focus on streamlining strategies that affect the core of your business. You’ll review and assess the systems, processes and technology in these key areas: finance, people, marketing, product development, and customers.


Phase III: Intentional Leadership

Define the WHAT of your business and the daily choices that will help you reach your goals. You’ll focus on the mindset, habits, and company culture needed to foster growth, happiness, and profitability.


Phase IV: Putting It All Together

To wrap it all up, you’ll focus on streamlining your entire business by putting the systems and process you’ve created into place. You’ll standardize all of the steps involved and automate repetitive tasks for increased productivity, team morale, and customer satisfaction.

You’ll work with Shelia and follow the steps laid out in this course to:

  • Dramatically change the way you see your business (and life)
  • Boost employee confidence and reduce training and supervision
  • Increase profits via smoother operations and customer satisfaction
  • Get higher quality and more consistent results
  • Know when, what and how to delegate routine tasks
  • Eliminate most of your daily frustrations

Streamlining your entire business will prepare you for generating the growth and revenue you dream about.

You don’t need superpowers to make it happen. You need the power of automation and systems. If you’re ready to transform and grow your business with intention, I’ll help you do just that.

It’s time to build a business that’s organized, repeatable and profitable.

I want to know when Streamline and Grow Strategy™ opens again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the course format?

This four-month program includes weekly assignments available in written and audio formats. Content is delivered [weekly by email, via membership site, etc.]

How much time will I get with you?

One week before the course begins, you’ll receive pre-work to help you prepare for our initial call.

Each week, we’ll get together for a one-hour strategy call. This is the perfect time to ask me questions, get my feedback, and address any issues you’re facing.

You’ll also have access to me via email and through interaction in the private Facebook group.

How much time will I have to spend each week?

In addition to our one-hour calls, you’ll be assigned weekly homework. These activities take approximately 1-3 hours to complete.                                   

It’s such a large investment. Does the program really work?

True, this program is a large investment of time and money. But consider this: you’re already running a business, and without the proper systems in place, you’re losing valuable time and money through slow productivity, poor customer service, or inefficient warehouse operations.

The sooner you get organized, the sooner you can plug the holes that are leaking.  There’s never a best or better time to start.

This is how I’ve always run my business, and it’s worked. Do I really need systems?

Yes! Think of all the errors that occur in a day, week or month. By putting systems in place, you can prevent these mishaps from occurring again.

Systems will help you:

  • Streamline your order processing, picking and shipping
  • Organize warehouse to allow for better storage and inventory management
  • Establish a process for handling returns and misshipments
  • Create seamless communication and information sharing between the warehouse and customer service teams

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes. I want you to 100% satisfied with this program.

If you complete your first month’s homework and decide you’re not a good fit for this program, I’ll happily refund your initial payment during the first 40 days after the program starts, minus a 10% coaching fee.