Attract, Acquire, and Retain Clients

With Shelia’s game changing strategies, you will learn how to create a business that organized, repeatable, and profitable. Shelia provides the perfect blend of motivation and strategy needed in today’s fast paced business environment.

Executives hire Shelia because of her industry expertise and problem-solving rigor to help them make informed decisions more quickly and to solve their toughest and most critical business challenges

Shelia Butler Speaker

Shelia’s sessions range between 45 minute keynotes to full day workshops. She has a unique ability to take complex topics and break them into simply and applicable lessons that can be immediately applied to help take your business to the next level.

Speaking Topics

The Truth About Growing Your Business: Intentional Planning, Building and Leadership

Great businesses don’t happen by chance, they happen by choice. Forget everything else you’ve learned about growing your business because Shelia has developed a proven strategy to help you create a business that’s organized, repeatable and profitable.

Creating a Company Culture for Growth

Although employees are often the single biggest expense, they’re key to the success of a business. Without the right employee, doing the right job, your business will not grow and you will not be as profitable as you could be. Shelia will show you how to turn your biggest expense into your biggest assets.

Customer 2.0: The Future of Sales and Marketing

Selling isn’t what is used to be. In fact, by the time customers reach out to your sales team, 70% of the buyer’s journey has already been completed. Customers are smarter and more empowered than ever. They’re going online and turning to educational content to help them make better buying decisions. If you want to capture the attention of your ideal customers, you need to become their go-to resource. Shelia will show you how to become this resource and how to use content marketing as your secret weapon to attract, acquire and retain your ideal clients.


Fearless Leadership Conference, May 15, 2015
Topic: Branding – How to Stand Out in the Crowd

Accessory Resource Team, June 3, 2015
Topic: Customer 2.0: The Future of Sales and Marketing

Accessory Resource Team, August 6, 2015
Topic: Top 5 Reasons Your Small Business is Struggling

New York Now, August 16, 2015
Topic: Customer 2.0: The Future of Sales and Marketing

Accessory Resource Team, October 6, 2015
Topic: How To Streamline Your Business For More Profits

Accessory Resource Team, December 3, 2015
Topic: How To Turn Your Team Into Your Biggest Asset