Why Project Management is Key To The Success of Your Business

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  • January 19, 2016

When I ask most business owner how they manage their teams and projects, they usually give me the answer I’m expecting and the one that pains me the most….EMAIL.

Now don’t get me wrong…I love email, but not for teams and project management. Email is a communication tool, not a collaboration tool and if you’re still using it to manage your business, you’re not working efficiently.

So If Not Email Then What

I suggest using a project management tool. Yes, I know….there are hundreds of different tools out there, but the key is to remember that it’s the PROCESS  that’s most important — not the tool. Here’s the process I use and teach:

  1. Define Your Work:  Create a big picture view of the work you and your team are doing and group them into categories like — product development, content marketing, show set-up, and PR Outreach etc.
  2. Create Projects for Each Category: Create projects for each of these categories and define what the purpose of the project is — PR Outreach: The goal of this project is to plan the steps in order to grow our media contact and web profile.
  3. Assign The Team: Define who the key players are for the project and include them on this team. Only add people that are contributing to the work and outcome. Extra non-value added team members slow down the process.
  4. Create the Process: I like to define all the To-Do’s for the project and assign them to team members as needed.
  5. Keep The Collaboration in the Tool: The key to a project management tool is that all the communication and collaboration is in one place. Don’t allow these communication to default back into email — keep the project in the tool.

Here’s an example of what that looks like in the tool I use to manage projects:


The Benefits of Using a Project Management Tool

There are many reasons to get your project management out of email and into a PM tool

  • Organization – Your work is now categorized, organized, defined, and most importantly…assigned.
  • Efficiency – Searching functionality is great in most tools, so you work more efficiently.
  • Transparency – This is key because everyone’s notes and work are in one place — you no longer have to hunt people down for an answer.
  • Prioritization – It’s easy to now prioritize work to make certain the most important things are handled first.

Over To You

I would love to know how you manage your business and projects. Please leave a comment below.







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