Joanne Domeniconi: On Building a Brand With Storytelling (Episode #12)

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  • January 7, 2015


Joanne Domeniconi, the Co-founder of The Grommet, is my guest today and we’re talking about the the power of storytelling when building a brand. The Grommet is a product launch platform that launches undiscovered product and helps them succeed.

I must admit I have a business crush on The Grommet. Joanne and Co-founder Jules Pieri have created an amazing business that focuses truly understands the importance of great product, makers, and storytelling.

I do a great deal of industry research and was blown away by their business model and their culture around branding, content marketing, and digital media. They get it! And would be a great role model for product manufacturers to follow.

Here are a few highlights from our chat:

  • Discuss Joannes early career including her early years at Stride Rite corporation
  • Talked about the importance of mentors…one of personal mentors was Meg Whitman
  • Discuss how to reduce the risk of launching a new products
  • Talk about the importance of the Maker community and made in the USA
  • Discuss why community is pivotal for business growth
  • Talk about why they consider The Grommet a media site vs. an e-commerce site


About Joanne Domeniconi

Founded in 2008, The Grommet is a product launch platform for innovative, new to market products and the first curated, online commerce platform for both B2C and B2B discovery and sales of consumer products created by Maker entrepreneurs.

The Grommet is rewriting the playbook for product launch and reshaping how people discover, share, influence and buy products online. The Grommets mission is rooted in the philosophy of Citizen Commerce™, a movement that enables product purchases to express ones personal values around sustainability, technology, social enterprise or buying locally.

As Co-founder and Chief Discovery Officer, Joanne Domeniconi guides the discovery, storytelling and launch of brilliant, new to market products by Maker entrepreneurs.

Joanne’s career in consumer products began at Stride Rite Corporation where she spent her early career in Retail as a merchandiser and then buyer.  She later served in various product development roles at Keds, the sneaker company, where she became the VP of Product Development.  Joanne is a Graduate of Simmons College and resides in Massachusetts.

The Grommet –

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photos courtesy of The Grommet

Live Giant,


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