Are You Struggling More Than You Should

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  • August 12, 2015
is your business struggling

If you’ve followed me for long you know my opinion about business, which is….most people make it MUCH┬áharder than it needs to be.

Yes, I know….business can be hard and I’m not minimizing the fact, but the truth is most people struggle because they haven’t mastered the five things needed to create a business that’s organized, repeatable, and profitable.

The Short List of Why Most Businesses Struggle:

  1. No strategy to attract, acquire, and retain clients
  2. Lack of business systems and processes
  3. Lack of adequate team training
  4. Failure to leverage technology
  5. Poor daily choices and work habits

I’m passionate about this topic and wanted to share a recent presentation I did on these 5 struggles and you can access it here.

Over To You

I would love to hear your feedback on the topic and presentation, so leave a comment or email me directly.


Shelia Butler

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Shelia Butler is a growth strategist who shows entrepreneurs how to STREAMLINE and GROW their business. She works hands-on with To-The-Trade professionals helping them with their key strategic and business issues by leveraging her industry expertise and problem-solving rigor to help them make informed decisions more quickly and to solve their toughest and most critical business challenges. Shelia earned her MBA from Baylor University and was the former Co-Owner and Chief Operating Officer of Aidan Gray Home. After selling AGH in 2010, she started a consultancy practice to help other business become more organized, repeatable, and profitable. Shelia is the Producer and Host of To The Trade Radio and Successful Women Talk.