How To Use Video To Engage and Hook Your Viewers [Episode #42]

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  • November 27, 2012

Share Ross is my guest today we’re talking about what it takes to become a video rockstar – how to engage and hook your viewers.

Share’s story is quiet unique as she spent her early years in the Metal Rock Band Vixen and accidentally became an early adopter and creators of webTV and video content.

Here are some highlights from our Interview:

  • Discuss how being in the rock band Vixen helped prepare her for entrepreneurship

  • Discuss what was her first eye opening experience to just make something work – how to make a situation work for yourself
  • Talk how stepping outside  your comfort zone can put you in a successful position
  • Discuss how years of touring and the death of her mother lead her to a new career path of video and video production
  • Talk about her honesty of being camera shy and initially being uncomfortable with being on video – and how she overcame the fear
  • Talk about how she got started in video and actually started a webTV show 2005 – before web video show’s were the in thing
  • Discuss the current world of online relationships and the true need for face to face interactions
  • Discuss 4 tips on how to use video to help you engage and hook your viewers

About guest Share Ross









Share Ross is an ADVENTURER.  She spent her early career as a bassist in the all female metal rock band Vixen.  She and her husband Bam Tastic started a band called Bubble, which won song of the year in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest in 2000.  Share pushed herself as a musician and learned to play lead guitar.  In 2003 she became the host and producer of the podcast Rock n Roll TV – a webTV show.

Share has also published a book on knitting and is the host and creator of RockStar University.

Links Mentioned:

Video Rock Star University Free Training
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Couch to 5K App



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  • Good interview with Share! Very true, adding video helps shorten the Like, Know, Trust factor which results in more sales, more referrals . . .and oh yeah more sales. Awesome!

    • Shelia

      Thanks Becca, I loved this one too. I need to improve my lighting! Thanks for listening and commenting. Shelia

  • Shelia

    ps. I stared the Couch to 5K program after listening to this interview 🙂 sb

  • Hi Shelia

    Found your website via a mention on a David Siteman Garland promo for his video course. I’ve been exploring the idea of starting my own web show and I find your efforts to be inspiring. Started a podcast in conjunction with my organic farming venture, but this new project is something bigger and something I’ve been mulling over for a lot of years (since childhood, actually, before the tools were available to us).

    Working my way backward in your catalog. This interview with Share is my favorite so far, although I’m getting something from each of them.

    Keep up the great work!


    • Shelia

      Hi Sheree, I’m so excited you found the show and you’re enjoying it. I would love to know more about the project you’re working on – very exciting! Have fun working your way through the catalog – there are some great interviews and inspiring women out there. Thanks again,

      • Hi Shelia, I’d love to share some of my ideas with you. The more I hear from your comments in the show, the more I find that we have in common.

        Might be easier to share via email or Skype, but big picture is to do more with online media to build a community around a 21st century life that’s built on purpose, sustainable principles, balanced and holistic lifestyle practices. Ben Franklin is my hero and Emma Peel (fictional character) exemplifies my attitude about life, if that tells you anything.

        Happy New Year, Sheree

        • Shelia

          Absolutely, let’s connect – very excited! Shelia