How Small Town Tactics Can Help You Build An Online Community [Episode #39]

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  • November 6, 2012

Jessika Hepburn — the wizard of the what might be the most creative community on the internet — Oh My! Handmade — is my guest today.

Oh My! Handmade is what I would call Seth Godin’s Tribes on STEROIDS.  Jessika has mastered the art of ‘How To Build An Online Community’ and she demonstrates her art by orchestrating a team of  30+ contributors, who explore a monthly theme enriched by diverse backgrounds, insight and perspective.

Here are some highlights from our CHAT:

  • Discuss how Jessika stumbled upon Oh My! Handmade and ended up buying the site
  • Discuss the importance of community and how to build an online community by finding a gap in the market
  • Talk about the importance diversity when building an online community
  • Discuss the fact that Jessika was not a blogger and had to learn the daily ins and outs of blogging and building community
  • Talk about tips for building an online community by treating it like a small town
  • Talk about the importance of paying it forward and engaging

ABOUT guest Jessika Hepburn










Oh My! Handmade is the realization of my life-mission to build diverse communities where innovation and greatness happen through creative collaboration. What started as a multi-author blog evolved into a unique online community and portal for creative entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate, and cooperate to build supportive networks. Community, creativity, andcollaboration are the foundation of my work and key words to unlocking my purpose on the planet. OMHG is where all my passions intersect and those paths connect with you.


Links Mentioned:

Oh My! Handmade
Jessica Hepburn on Twitter

Live Giant,

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  • Great interview! I’m a huge fan of Oh My! Handmade. Great site and great resource for creative entrepreneurs.

    • Shelia

      Hello Andreea, thanks so much for watching and commenting. I too love Oh My! Handmade, what a great resource and inspirations. Thanks again,