How Google Plus Is Leading The Human Media Movement [Episode #71]

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  • June 26, 2013


Sarah Hill is my guest today and we’re talking about the power of human media, but before we do, I want to talk a little bit about my experience with chatting it up.

When I was in Staples the others day buying a new ergonomic mouse pad, I noticed they were selling easy buttons.  Do you remember those?

The big red button with the word EASY on it — guaranteed to magically change your situation and make things easier?

Don’t worry…I didn’t buy one, but here’s why it did cross my mind.

One of the hardest things for me when it comes to online business is the lack of one-on-one connections with clients and customers.

With my previous businesses I had the privilege of meeting with our customer face to face several times a year at market. Although markets were exhausting, it allowed me as a business owner to truly connect and engage with the people who were buying our products.

We developed real relationships, we connected…a connection you can’t get via text or telephone.

When I transitioned to the online world, I found myself missing this engagement.  Missing the connection, the body language, the laughter, the eye to eye contact.

Those connections matter.  They are what will make or break your business — especially with the changing business climate we’re experiencing where people want to do business with people. People they KNOW LIKE TRUST.


Online business owners can no longer hide behind the wall of the internet…if you want raving fans and loyal customers, you need to be seen.  You need to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

People want to do business with people.  They want to feel like they know you.  They want to see your eyes, your passion, your world.

Yes, it’s true that nothing can replace real face to face communication, but there are alternatives for online business owners and one of the biggest game changers right now is Google Plus Hangouts.


Google+ Hangouts are a great option for video chat.  The service is free and enables both one-on-one or group chats — with up to 10 people.

This option is great for business because you can screen share, share documents, images and videos.

Here are a few ideas and options for using Google Plus Hangouts for Business:

  • Customer Service Calls 
  • Virtual Store Front for online businesses
  • One-on-One group coaching calls
  • Mastermind video chatting
  • Live product demo’s

To learn more about Google Plus Hangouts, I interviewed Sarah Hill, who is a twelve time Emmy Award winning digital storyteller.

Sarah was the first journalist to use Google Hangouts for broadcasting and has become an ambassador of the Human Media Movement.

Listen in here to learn how Sarah is using Google Hangouts in her business and how you can too:

About guest Sarah Hill











Sarah is a 12 time Emmy award winning reporter for the Veterans United Network, the broadcast channel for Veterans United.  She also freelances at KOMU-TV. She was the first journalist to use a Google Plus Hangout on TV and continue to mentor broadcasters and businesses on how to use Google + Hangouts and Human Media to connect with customers face to face. She’s also a Google Glass Explorer and is using the new technology to bring Veterans closer to their memorials.   Sarah is a runner, a collector of African art and practical jokes player. She’s a mother of two, 3 if you count her husband.  She’s covered the aftermath of the 2004 Tsunami in Sri Lanka and Indonesia as well as Hurricane Katrina. In addition, she’s produced documentaries in Vietnam and Guatemala about the world’s mobility problem.


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