Alicia Overby: Growing a Business From a Simple Idea (Episode #02)

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  • October 16, 2014

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Alicia Overby is my guest today and she shares her story of creating a business from a simple product she created for her son. Baby Elephant Ears is just hit a milestone of five years in business and Alicia is here to share that journey with you.


Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask questions.


About Alicia Overby

Mom, Wife, Sister, Entrepreneur, “Boss Lady” and Runner are just some of her many titles; Alicia Overby is the founder and creator of Baby Elephant Ears. Although her previous education or careers in finance and development didn’t point in this direction, the spirit was always there.

Alicia had spent a few years being the CEO of her household when she decided to start a small business in 2008. With a quick vision and determination she did something very few people can actually accomplish.

Alicia brought a product idea to selling at market in less than 9 months. She had little holding her back and her entrepreneurial spirit took over and flung her into the journey. In late 2009 she launched her business, Baby Elephant Ears with her husband, Scott. Now entering year 5, Baby Elephant Ears is a worldwide business spanning over a dozen countries and being sold at over 950 locations in the USA.


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