Your business is thriving, but it’s not growing at the rate you know it can.

You crave the freedom that comes with an efficient and profitable business. Yet, you’re drowning in to-do’s, struggling with order management, and letting client relationships slide. Meanwhile, you’re preparing for market season and the whirlwind of attending trade shows. Holding on to your fear of delegation is no longer an option.

There’s a smarter way to get things done. One that allows you to run your business and reach your growth potential with intention. Streamline and Grow™ peels back the curtain on your operations and helps you spot the core areas that you need to simplify. It’s a way to map your processes, improve productivity, and create more freedom for you in your business.

I’m Shelia Butler, and I work with To The Trade professionals to create strategies that Streamline and Grow™ their business. I have the unique ability and expertise to identify business inefficiencies and turn them into opportunities.

Shelia was able to help me lay some foundational policies and procedures to get my business functioning more effectively.

Having her years of experience in the industry, Shelia helped me to really fast track through many of the learning curves that can potentially cost you more money, mistakes, and time.

Carol Benson-Cobb Founder, Benson-Cobb Studios

Let’s face it. The old way of doing things is not giving you the business and life you deserve.

Your mindset, habits and daily choices determine the success of your business. But change is never easy.

Systems are essential to growing your business with less work and less hassle. Streamline and Grow™ helps you create the framework for running and managing an efficient business. I give you the tools to streamline your operations, build your brand, and flourish in a competitive market.

Give yourself permission to eliminate overwhelm, lead with intention, and reach your profit potential.

Learn How To Create a Business That’s Organized, Repeatable, and Profitable.



My best clients are To The Trade professionals, including wholesalers, product manufacturers, sales reps, creative business owners, interior designers and home decor retailers.

Are you ready to transform and grow your business? I’ve created an online course to get you started. See what’s inside.

If you would like one-on-one help making it happen, I’m taking a limited number of clients into my coaching program. Learn more.

Are you looking to attract, attain and retain more clients? I can help your team create and leverage a simple yet powerful content marketing strategy. Show me how.

Shelia came to me with strategies and tools to implement new media marketing into my business. She helped me with the development and implementation of my self hosted internet radio show/podcast and we have already seen a surge of listeners and downloads!

She made it easy to understand and the implementation was seamless. Thanks Sheila!

Cathy Alessandra, Founder, Today’s Innovative Woman

Shelia Butler Bio

Shelia Butler is a growth strategist who shows entrepreneurs how to STREAMLINE and GROW their business. 

She works hands-on with To-The-Trade professionals helping them with their key strategic and business issues by leveraging her industry expertise and problem-solving rigor to help them make informed decisions more quickly and to solve their toughest and most critical business challenges.

Shelia earned her MBA from Baylor University and was the former Co-Owner and Chief Operating Officer of Aidan Gray Home. After selling AGH in 2010, she started a consultancy practice to help other business become more organized, repeatable, and profitable.

Shelia is the Producer and Host of To The Trade Radio and Successful Women Talk.

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