13 Little Letters To Success — Relationships

successful women talk about relationshipsWhy do you think one in every seven online minutes is spent on Facebook and that social media network usage grew by 35% in 2011?

The answer’s simple…it’s relationships.   Most people crave and need social interaction.  We’re made that way.  Without relationships life is empty, boring and lonely.  Relationships make life much more fun and fulfilling.

The same holds true for business…without relationships business would be empty, boring and lonely and….you will most likely be BROKE. Business is built on relationships.

Relationship building is something I learned early in business.  People want to deal with people –not just a brand.

I can remember when I first started out in business.  No one knew us and no one knew our products.  So what did I do?  I turned on my Southern Charm and tried to relate with people. AKA…started making friends.

One of our early customers was to a great little company by the name of Boxwoods Gardens in Atlanta. They have an amazing store, so as you can imagine…we were excited to do business with them.

One of our very first shipments to them arrived damaged.  Never a good thing — especially early on because first impressions matter.

When they called in to report the damage, I personally spoke with them and resolved the issue immediately — without question, without pain, and without blame.

Guess what happened?  They became raving fans and we developed a great business relationship.  They actually called me “Saint Shelia” — funny I know, but it was a great learning experience for me.

Do the right things…build great relationships….and prosper!  Successful Women know and understand the importance of relationship building.

Want to build a strong business?  The key is in building great relationship and serving your customers.


Live Giant,


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